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We offer quality assurance also throughout the projects via sparrings from German experts on key deliverables from our consultants.

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    We are Experts in the following Topics:

    AI enabled NextGen Outsourcing

    Nowadays outsourcing is more and more relying on highly automated AI-enabled services.

    We understand the role of AI in outsourcing to reduce the risk of losing control and increasing value from outsourcing.

    Our experts can help you with AI-enabled next-generation outsourcing to get better, faster, and highly secure services at an optimal cost.

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    Product Development with
    AI Technologies

    At product design and development, AI comes in very handy, e.g. for automated testing of design and features. As a product manager, you might be aware of a chronic shortage of quality assurance engineers and analysts. AI technologies can help with a “fail early & fast” approach and ensure good quality standards, even at ever fasting changing requirements.

    On the other hand, AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities are designed into new products and services, so product managers need to enhance their skills in this area in order to develop and provide functional requirements and AI-powered specifications to data engineering and data science teams.

    If you need support in these areas, NextEdge Technologies can provide you with the fitting experts.

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    Project Management
    and Culture Management

    Our consultants guide you through your agile transformation and make sure you accelerate further once the setup is complete. We have experts ready to support you in all matters regarding classical and agile PMO as well as agile program management at a larger scale.

    Also, we have developed best practice workshop formats to improve team performance and accelerate continuous improvement along your value stream.

    Do you want to establish an improved agile culture of trust, professionalism, and efficiency in your company or on your projects? We are here to identify the active mindset and underlying patterns and then define measures to change the behavior to implement a new target culture.

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    IT Security and Cyber Security

    Our NextEdge Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Penetrating Testing, Cyber Forensics, IT Security Operations Center, Monitoring services, and Cyber Threat Intelligence services help you to build highly resilient and robust IT services.

    Additionally, our experienced and certified security experts can help you with end-to-end Information Security and Cyber Security services covering all relevant areas.

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    AIOps & ITSM

    According to Gartner, AIOps platforms enhance IT leaders’ decision making by contextualizing large volumes of diverse and volatile IT and business data. IT leaders should use AIOps platforms for refining performance analysis across the application life cycle, as well as for enhancing IT Service Management capabilities and its automation.

    We help you to set up an AI-enabled ITSM environment with a learning “Incidence brain” at the center of your IT operations to foster event correlations, incident recognition, and prevention,

    task automation and performance monitoring among others.

    Additionally, we help you catching up with the latest developments in the ITSM area, e.g. with management overview sessions or certification courses and coaching on ITIL4 (R).

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    DevOps is a short word for a holistic end-to-end approach that combines a lean and agile work culture with a set of best practices and a thrive for improved automation and use of most advanced IT technologies.

    It aims to shorten the time-to-market, and hence improve the development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. Additionally, it stands for highly automated IT operations and combines all talents in cross-functional IT DevOps- teams.

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    Project Cases

    Here are the examplary project cases for our services:

    IT Service Management

    • Implementing and auditing information security and data privacy standards e.g., ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST.
    • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing Services.
    • SIEM and SOC Operations management.
    • Cyber Threat Intelligence services to help you identify cyber threat actors and malicious patterns.
    • Threat Hunting services to help you detect threats hiding with the corporate IT Network.

    ERGO – Agile

    • Use Case ERGO – Agile

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