Setting up a major DEVOPS transformation in a global organization


A team of our consultants got hired by a global client in the logistics industry to accompany the organization on its journey from waterfall development to a DEVOPS setup. The client teams were dispersed and spread out over all continents with major development facilities in India. We provided a team of transformation consultants to develop the OCM strategy and concept for the client. Afterwards one of our agile expert took over the role of program lead to steer the OCM implementation.

Exemplary qualifications of the NE team:

  • Solid skill background: Work experience 10 years + in and agile environment
  • Work experience in a global multinational organization
  • Track record in leading and delivering complex initiatives
  • Leverage best practices in the delivery teams and overall organization while seeking ways to reduce overhead (lean)
  • Mixed team of German and Indian consultants working remotely and on ground in India with client teams

See top profiles here (link)

Starting off our team worked closely with the clients core transformation team in order to analyze the clients goals and needs for the transformation towards DEVOPS. The NE team then developed an OCM program based on the proven NE tracks for agile and DEVOPS transformations.